My Projects

iOS Theming Engine

A free Open Source theming engine for iOS devices.

  • In-browser
  • Upload custom icons
  • Choose from thousands of original free or premium icons
  • Use on you phone or another device
iOS Themer

Perfect Media Server

A media server using Free and Open Source Software wherever possible. Server is locally hosted using an array of many high-capacity harddrives. Disk failure remediation is acheived through SnapRAID.


Magic Mirror | Digital Photo Frame

Two of many Raspberry Pi-powered projects

  • Requests data from various APIs: calendar, weather, RSS feeds
  • Written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Photo frame automatically adds photo that are attached to emails for easy uploading from anyone
  • Photo frame written in Python
Magic Mirror Photo Frame

TikZ graphs package tutorial

I was unhappy with the documentation for the more advanced features of the LaTex markup language's graphs package, so I created a example-driven tutorial to help my fellow grad students make pretty pictures in their Graph Theory assignments.

  • Written in the LaTeX typesetting system — the de facto standard for scientific documentation
  • Explores the features of the graphs LaTeX package
  • The source code is meant to be read alongside the generated PDF
TikZ and graphs


About Me

My career goals have always been in the areas of math, science, technology, and education. After getting a few degrees in Mathematics, I began working as a full-stack (LEMP) developer for a small company in Portland, OR. Programming is a requisite skill for advanced mathematics and is something I've become proficient with. I keep my skills sharp in my personal life by building my own computer, maintaining my own media server, and using SoCs to run my own DNS server and power a homemade wall-mounted infoboard (News, calendar, schedule, pretty pictures, etc.).

My Resume
Overlooking San Francisco Bay in avocado shirt